Cathy Lauderbaugh offers hippotherapy to support pediatric speech and language therapy goals, in Boulder County, Colorado.

Some children may benefit from the movement of the horse during speech-language therapy sessions.

Who Benefits from Hippotherapy?  

Hippotherapy is a treatment strategy that uses equine movement to affect the child's system organization. The therapist uses the horse's movement to promote variations in the child's movement. This movement provides natural prompts for speech and language. 

Hippotherapy is an especially beneficial treatment strategy for the following areas: 

  • Breath Support for Speech Production

  • Speech Rate, Cadence/Rhythm, and Clarity

  • Attention and Task Completion (for Language and Cognitive Processing)

The horse's movement also positively affects other areas which can impact speech and language:

  • Body Awareness (Proprioception) and Balance

  • Core Strength and Coordination (including Gross/Fine Motor Skills)

  • Range of Motion

  • Sensory and Self-Regulation Skills

Cathy uses hippotherapy as a fun and meaningful treatment strategy that supports the whole child during speech-language therapy.

The horse's movement is organizing and motivating for children as they improve their communication skills. Cathy's sessions support a large age-range; please Contact Cathy with specific questions.

Cathy also provides the option of speech-language therapy sessions in an equine-assisted environment. 

Therapy includes interactions with horses in an equine-setting, with or without equine movement.

Cathy Lauderbaugh uses hippotherapy to support speech and language therapy goals in Boulder County, Colorado.

Cathy Lauderbaugh uses hippotherapy to incorporate motivating speech therapy activities into her private speech therapy sessions in Boulder County Colorado.


Contact Cathy to learn more about speech-language therapy sessions using hippotherapy, or using an equine-assisted environment, in Boulder, Longmont, and lafayette.