Horse Training & Riding Lessons

 Cathy Lauderbaugh teaches horseback riding lessons in Boulder County, Colorado.
Cathy’s expertise in child development creates nurturing lessons that provide children with a deeper understanding of their bodies and minds. 

 Cathy Lauderbaugh teaches horseback riding lessons for children and adults in Boulder County Colorado.

Lessons for   Children & Adults

Cathy emphasizes the following:

  • The connection between groundwork and riding

  • Awareness of the rider's body mechanics and impact on the horse's movement
  • Horse Training Program that generalizes to the rider's/owner's everyday horse routines.

Cathy travels to you and your horses, and will also meet you at shows, trails, and clinics in the surrounding Boulder County areas

 Cathy Lauderbaugh has many years of experience training horses across multiple disciplines; she currently offers horse training in Boulder Colorado.

Her varied background includes:

  • Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor, through PATH Intl
  • Internships in Hippotherapy
  • Teaching children and adults since 1999
  • 26 years of riding experience
  • Showing Hunter/Jumpers, and the East Coast Intercollegiate Show Circuit
  • Experience with Young and Green Horses, Trails, and with Cows
  • Cross Country Courses and work as a Demo Rider in Ireland
  • Saddle Fitting Apprenticeship, including British Society of Master Saddler's Class
  • Managing Children's Horse Camps
  • Working Student Positions with Dressage Trainers in Colorado


 Cathy Lauderbaugh trains horses in Boulder County Colorado.
 Cathy Lauderbaugh trains horses in Boulder Colorado, and has experience with young horses, trails, and with cow work.